Harry ( Up State New York ) ( ADOPTED )

**RESCUED FROM THE MEAT TRADE IN THAILAND......Harry was rescued by LIPS from the Soi dog foundation in Thailand 2 years ago. He was living at a dog meat farm until rescued by Soi dog. Harry made the long trip to the US and found a loving family while adjusting to his new surroundings. Due to unfortunate circumstances, Harry's family had to move and weren't able to take Harry. Harry is back with LIPS and is need of a foster or permanent home. Harry is looking for a quiet home and likes calm and older dogs. He is approximately 35lbs, 4 years old 


Please call or text us if you are interested in helping Harry at 917 685-8422.

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  • Yes interested in harry. But live in arkansas anyway he can be sent here.

    Lona dicamillo

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