Our Top 5 Dog Beds For 2020

 As 2019 ends and 2020 approaches, here is BlingDogBeds Top 5 dog beds for 2020.


#1 BlingDog Dog Bed With Light 

 In the #1 spot We have BlingDog Dog bed with a light, This cute dog bed comes with a pillow as well, The light above is 100% safe with an LED bulb. It is also very easy to assemble. Perfect for small to medium dogs. The colors it come in are pink, blue, and white with a comfy cotton material and beautiful designs on the outside. This dog bed is definitely unique. Check it out for yourself.



#2 Fluffy Round Dog Bed

#2 goes to the fluffy round dog bed. This dog bed has bed trending all year 2019.
And looks like it will be in 2020 as well
Its perfect for dogs and cats as well.The warm soft fluffy long plush material is perfect to keep your pets warm all winter, it's also very light weight and very easy to clean/wash.



#3 Large Cushion For Large Dogs

Can't forget the large dogs, coming in 3rd this cushion has proven to be strong enough of those monster jaws. Very comfy and durable and can last a very long time, which is good because anyone who have or had a large dog know that they can go through  a lot of dog beds, So it's important to find one strong enough for a strong dog.



#4  BlingDogBeds Dog Bed

Number 4 could of easily be #1 for me as i own one of these and absolutely love it. This unique dog bed looks just like yours. With a wooden bed frame and cotton mattress it's like a human bed for your pup.



#5 Miss Elegant Dog Bed

Last but not least is the Miss Elegant Dog Bed. This bed is so Luxurious perfect for the smaller spoiled dogs. The design is as the name "Elegant" The beautiful bow in the middle gives it that perfect look. Live our first pick, this dog bed also comes with a pillow.





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