Top Dog Bed For 2020

 (1)  BlingDog Luxury Dog Bed With Light

At the moment this one is our top favorite dog bed and you the customer loves it too, especially for smaller dogs they look so darn cute. The very fact that this dog bed comes with a light is what makes it so unique to us. I had this one lady that told me her dog was scared of the dark, I could not believe it... a dog that was scared of the dark ??? But it was true, She sent me video proof i was shocked. But i was also please to know that something simple as a dog bed with a light can make such a small difference in one pups life. And that alone to me is why this particular dog bed is my pick as the top dog bed for 2020. Plus it's really cute and cool looking. Wink.


Here is a pic of Bella Sleeping.....Too Cute


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