About Us

The mission at BlingDogBeds is to provide quality dog beds and donate a portion of the profits to Now we want to do our part and help. Our donations provide funding for food, veterinary care, spay and neuter programs, facilities and shelter support staff.

If you would like to recommend a non profit for us to donate too. Visit our contact page for contact info.

The most luxurious dog beds you can find on the net because your 4 legged pals deserve the very best , Don't you think ?

Here at BlingDogBeds we have some very unique dog beds. We're here to keep your furry friends sleeping in style and comfort. When we were looking for quality dog beds for our own four-legged friends, we couldn’t find any with style and that looks luxurious. So we decided to sell our own dog bed with Unique Styles and also very comfy for our furry pals !!!

Our mission is simple. To bring you luxury dog beds with beautiful designs, a sense of fashion or style that fits both you and your pet. as long as it's not a plain old boring dog bed. We take a percentage of our profits and donate to 



I want to do more so going further we will also be donating to the Humane Society Of Tampa Bay. Starting Local Hoping to Grow Global.