Bling Banana Cat Bed
Bling Banana Cat Bed
Bling Banana Cat Bed
Bling Banana Cat Bed
Bling Banana Cat Bed
Bling Banana Cat Bed

Bling Banana Cat Bed

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Material: 100% Cotton
Type: Cats
Color: yellow pink green
Item: Plush cat Bed
100% brand new and high quality
1. Made of high quality thick warm fabric, keeps your puppy cozy and warm.
2. Soft, warm, comfortable, removable,washable and durable.
3. With breathable, anti-slip, moisture-proof oxford fabric bottom.
4. Matched with a removable, reversible interior cushion mat for summer and winter using, makes your pet sleep more soundly.
5. Create a comfortable bed for your pet's healthy sleeping and rest.
6. It is super soft and warm, so your pet will feel happy when in it.
7. Best bedroom or resting place for your pet dog or cat.
8. Once your love pet has his own "territory", keep your house neat and clean will no longer be a dream.
Product specifications:
Small length 40 width 15 height 11 (cm), weighs about 140 grams, suitable for pets within 3 kg
Medium length 55 wide 20 high 15 (cm), weighs about 200 grams, suitable for pets under 6 kg
Large length 65 width 25 height 18 (cm), weighs about 300 grams, suitable for pets under 10 kg
Clean Method:
Machine wash
  * Put the bed roll into the net bag into the washing machine;
  * Use the general detergent, at room temperature cleaning;
  * After cleaning the natural dry, can not use the cage drying, not ironing.
Hand wash
 * The kennel flat stack into the bathtub, the use of general household detergent, soak at room temperature for 20-30 minutes;
  * Gently squeeze  by hand;
 * After cleaning, squeeze the water dry, naturally dry, do not iron.